Monday, February 28, 2011

Cache Page

Well the cache detail page has proven to be somewhat annoying.  Not that it's hard -- I've already gotten the information.  It's been difficult to get things to where I feel they are useful without being just a bunch of information thrown at you.  It's still a little bit that way, but it's vaguely presentable in it's current form, so I'll post a couple of pictures.

I don't love the details at the top, I'd like to do some kind of variation on the OpenCaching circle. For some reason the circle isn't doing it for me, but that may be user learning curve... so I'm going to play around some here. For now this will stay text but expect it to change. I should also note that this scrolling section is actually a number of custom views strung together, so I can, say, change the description completely if I want and still have all of the other details stay the same and flow along with that. Kind of a pain to set up but it should make tweaking this page to be much more reasonable.

There are a number of other cache details that may change here (for example, do I make the description go full length, limit it to a specific length that's scrollable, reduce the text size, etc) especially the details at the bottom. I'm liking the way that the logs look. I haven't filled in the date yet, but there's a field for it above each log on the right, across from the logged user's name. These may move into a "more" button along with some other misc cache details in the space you see set aside for it.

The buttons aren't quite perfect but they are functional. I'd like to play with the look of these some as well.

It's a bit generic but getting reasonably functional, and starting to look vaguely decent. There's plenty of work to go here, and most of it (unfortunately for me) is aesthetic with a few functional pieces. I'll do what I can here to make it not suck.

I should mention that along with the revamp here I also received my oAuth credentials today from I will start in on making oAuth support work here soon. That's some exciting stuff because I will be able to do things like log caches (or edit logs) and possibly even edit cache details (or place caches) all in-app. Lots of possibilities here that will help make things really shine.

A Note on GPX files... I haven't done much here. I am (still) in the place where they are being parsed, but the uploaded GPX file portion isn't complete yet. I do have it listing all of the individual files, but I need to finish the view that lists the individual caches inside these files and sends them to the regular cache page.

Comments would be appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. On the page that shows the logs: it's not clear if each log it a found it, dnf, or just a note. You may want to have some symbol or color change to let the user know.

  2. Instead of the OC bullseye, how about using the sliders on the cache info page? You could use them when you add the ability to log too. If you do, steal the terms used on the OC site too (1-nano, 2-micro, etc) (1-hc accessible, 2-walk in the park, etc. )