Saturday, January 8, 2011

Settings are in!

Well, at least a couple settings are done, and I can add more as we need them.

Currently you can choose to turn on and off metric measurements as well as choosing how many search results you find.  There are a number of other possible settings but I'll add them as I go.  For now these two settings work and are saved properly.  Once the OpenCaching team opens up authentication to the 3rd party API users then I'll pursue turning on and off individual finds as well as other settings for logged in users.

I've done a bunch of playing around with icons in the tab bar and other colors.  After looking at solid colors in the background of the search results and settings I haven't been impressed.  I've decided to try out the compass background on all of the screens.  It's very workable so far, we'll see how things go as I move forward.  I'm not yet convinced I'm done here, but this does look reasonable.  I've also changed the icon (which I don't think I've shown off) to be a reasonably distinct icon based on the OpenCaching logo.

I think next up I'll tackle the individual cache screen.  I've been putting this off for a while as I'm still not sure how I want to proceed.  However it needs doing, and once it is done I'll have most of the fundamentals done that I'm able to accomplish so far.

I should mention I won't release this until I can at least allow logging in the field, though I would be ok with beta testers to use it.  Hopefully the OpenCaching API opens up for logging here soon.

Thanks for dropping by, more later.


  1. I can understand that you don't want to release the app. without logging in the field. I just hope that you haven't forgot the draft issue.

    Do you still expect to have a beta ready by the end of this month?

    BTW Seems like you're way ahead of the "Cache Me" App. :-)

  2. Ahead is relative. He's got something in the store and I don't. =) I do have more done, but that guy may have more time and is taking the approach of releasing early and often. I'm pretty sure that my quality standards this time around are much higher than they were my last go-around.

    If you're itching to try this out drop me a PM in the OpenCaching forums with your phone's UDID and I'll see if I can whip up an ad hoc build for you. That goes for you too iJeep if you want.

    If you can stand the noise and dust from all of the construction. =)

  3. It's looking great! I'll definitely be willing to give it a test drive when you are ready. (now I just have to remember how to find my udid)