Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, not as much of a dev day as planned yesterday

Lots happened that I hadn't planned, and most of it wasn't programming.

Still, I did get a couple hours in yesterday and a small amount today.  Here is what I completed:

- Added an opie splash screen
- Added an internal class that will help me in the future make requests more easily from the OpenCaching site.
- Used the new class to fill the search results (to know that it works).
- Added the direction and bearing on the search results page from your current location.
- Updated the OpenCaching website icon and name to be the actual logo.
- Fixed a few memory leaks
- Added a GPX get function to cache the GPX results for the search list.
- Updated the search list code to be more friendly with user preferences (once I add them).
- Changed the search list to get 15 at a time instead of 100.  More would be nice, but practically unnecessary every time.  This will likely get looked at again later, maybe as a preference.
- Added a target label to the compass screen.

Not a ton of visual changes, but I'll post a screenshot of the changes here for anyone following along at home.


  1. It looks really promising. I'm looking forward to try this application.

    One question/suggestion: Did you consider adding an option to use metric units as an alternative to United States customary units?

  2. Yes, I have planned to have an option to use metric measurements. Good suggestion!