Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First pictures!

More of a status update really.

I guess I haven't really told you guys that this is semi-working already have I?  It's (barely) usable to find caches now, though it has a long way to go!

The compass/arrow screen is working with basic functionality. Current and target coordinates display, the compass and arrow rotates towards north and the cache respectively. Distance from cache, bearing and accuracy are displayed.  Text, compass, and arrow need art/usability improvements.

The "Find nearest" screen functions, though it does not cache it's results. It currently displays the cache name, OX code and coordinates. I added a refresh to this list last night here, which works fine. This list needs at least a distance from your current location on it. I've also had a request to add the bearing, undecided on this.

The cache details screen shows the available information of a given cache and allows a target to be set. This needs to be designed to have a summary (simple) view and a details view.

There is also a tab that shows a web view of the web page. Unsure of if this will ultimately make it to the final version, but the page is currently completely usable through the iPhone. Though I haven't tried downloading GPX files, that likely doesn't work.

Things to do for the "initial" version to be completed:
- target coordinate saving (have to set it every time right now)
- search list saving for "offline" use. This will be auto-saved/detected, with a possible manual override, though the override may not make it into the initial version.
- add a simple map view with pins for current and target location. See this link for the basic idea, it will probably start out very similar.
- add the name to the target screen, clean the target screen up some.
- import of .LOC files and a list to show those. This may also get GPX support. I have this working in my iPad prototype for LOC files already, so that's where we will start. This list may turn into a "favorites" list as well.
- a settings page to allow you to do things like filter found caches or not, login to, etc.

pending further information from garmin or thought, also the following:
- log/create/edit caches on the phone.
- The ability to send pictures and email from the app to yourself or to others
- external google maps link, web link in safari, etc.
- some sort of todo list option to create a list of caches to find. Sort of a favorites, but not exactly.
- auto-caching for caching sprints.
- some kind of outdoor mode to be able to see the compass screen better in direct sunlight.
- tabs need to be renamed & given icons probably.

Tons more details and even other ideas that aren't here yet.

edit:  Had to show off my new icons...  Not yet perfect, but a good start.

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