Friday, December 10, 2010

With the advent of by garmin, I've decided to do what I never could do with Geopher Lite. has a 3rd party API system which can be directly accessed by an iPhone. Someone else has already stated that they will be making an android caching app as well.

The basics I have planned:
- Easy searching for nearby caches
- Offline cache support and export (initially very basic)
- Automated Cache-to-cache finding.
- Login to for Filtering and logging finds.
- directional compass and arrow to lead your way.

Things I am considering:
- GPX import/export, tied into the offline cache support.
- More extensive offline cache support features
- map support
- Cache placement in the field
- Editing caches in the field
- Device sharing of cache waypoints
- multi-cache support
- And others that didn't make the public list.

If you have any ideas, drop me a line.

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