Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today is a dev day

Today I will be spending some time on the opencaching project.  I'd first like to state what is on my list and what I've gotten done.  This is hopefully informative, and also helps me to stay on track.

I'd better give a quick update on where things are though.  It's been busy with family and work the past week plus, so I've not done a ton.  Visually the most important thing is that there are now icons on the tab bar at the bottom.  The "SavedCaches" is now "Downloads", I still may change that in the future.  I think I also would like to have the target and current coordinates differentiated more than they are on the compass screen.

Okay, on to the list!

What's working:
- Easy searching for nearby caches.  This is done, but I'll still be working on the "easy" pert to make it easier.
- Offline cache support.  The search list gets saved already and works offline.  I still need to save the cache details.  I am thinking I'll auto-save the top ten closest and also any that the user looks at.
- directional compass.  This works similarly to the Geopher Lite compass and should work just fine.
- map support.  The map screen is very usable.  There are things that could be improved here, however it is nearly completed, at least for the first go-around.
- Navigon coordinate sending.  I happened to have navigon already so this was easy to test.  I am considering adding tomtom and the google maps app to this as well, which I expect to also be straightforward.

At this point the app is usable to find a cache.  There is no way to currently log in to the website, so logging etc. will have to come later.  You can use the web view for this by navigating to their site and doing it as if it were a browser.  I may leave that in initially, depending on how far things get.

Things to do:
- Create the cache details screen.  This will have a ways to go, I am not yet decided on a design.
- Add a bearing/direction to the cache list screen.  Right now the results show you caches that are closest to you, so if you have a cache .2 miles and .3 miles, those caches could be .5 miles apart even though they are right next to each other in the list.  I'd like to fix this, so we'll see what happens here.
- GPX parsing.  Ideally I'd like to be able to drag a PQ or large GPX file into the file sharing section of iTunes and have it pulled in and ready to be used by the app.  The prototype is here, we just need to keep going on this.
- oAuth login for the site.  This will allow logging and (later), placing or editing cache details for your own hides.
- Automated cache-to-cache finding.  The idea here is to not really have to look at the list, but have the option of marking a cache as found, then having the app itself choose the next best cache to start finding.  This will likely come later, but I'd like to give it a shot for 1.0.  We'll see what time permits.
- create a settings screen.  There are plenty of things that could be here.

Probably more, but I've got to wrap this up.  More later!

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